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rust stain on sidewalk

What Causes Rust Stains On My Sidewalk, Curbing and Buildings?

Rust Stains on Sidewalks?

Have you noticed rust stains? Do you pressure wash your sidewalks trying to remove the rust stains?  Countless hours of pressure washing, multiple times per year?   This is often the first thing people try when they have had enough of the ugly rust stains, only to find they come back within a matter of weeks or days.  High pressure water, by itself, will generally not remove sprinkler rust stains.

Does this all sound familiar? It should.

rust stains on sidewalk

We talk with property owners and managers on a daily basis who have these same experiences. Curious on who or what to blame? It can be blamed on both your sprinkler system AND your water quality. In Florida, iron is often found in our ground water . You don’t notice it if you have city water for drinking or you have a water softener to improve the water quality coming into your home. Untreated ground/well water is the culprit.

Can pressure washing help?

Yes, it can help to remove stains such as algae and mold, but to remove rust stains a chemical rust remover must be added.

How can RustOff prevent the rust stains?

We will treat your well water at its source. Before the water goes into your irrigation system it is treated with our (RX-10), proprietary blend, rust sequestering agent. This is done as part of our monthly maintenance program.

Is Rustoff’s system a one time set it and forpet type of system?

Unfortunately, no. Like any proactive water treatment program for iron, we visit your system once a month. We refill the holding container with the RX-10 sequestering agent. This will greatly reduce the amount of iron in you sprinkler water. We have had customers ask if they can go longer between treatments? Because of the amount of zones and watering days and times, we must refill the holding tank within 30 days so it never goes empty, causing stains to return.

When you see rust stains on the side of homes, apartment buildings, townhomes and driveways these rust stains are the very same ones you are finding on your sidewalk. It’s very time consuming to continue pressure washing every month or every other month as the rust builds up, not to mention costly as well to hire a pressure washing company or fuel your own pressure washer.

Maintenance is sometimes a necessity for any homeowner. Treating your water to prevent the rust stains falls into that “maintenance” category.
We understand it’s probably more fun to spend money on a vacation, however, if you value the look of your home and the surrounding area, hiring Rustoff to treat your water system will be an investment into your property so you have more jingle in your pocket in the long run to take that memorable vacation.

We have several before and after photos on our website, we invite you to visit our site gallery and see for yourself the difference once the water is treated at the source: and-afters/

For more information on how we can help you remove the rust from your sidewalks, give us a call at 1- 800-992-3111 or fill out the form on our website. We look forward to helping you have clean sidewalks again!