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rust stains on sidewalk

Do You Ask Your HOA About The Rust?

Many people live in a deed restricted community throughout Florida with a Homeowner’s Association, otherwise known as an HOA. How often have you gone to your HOA board to complain about the rust on your neighborhood’s sidewalks? Or what about the entrance to your neighborhood? Is the sign for your development covered in rust? Maybe you have a decorative wall at the entry way to your neighborhood and its covered in rust stains?

Does this bother you or your neighbors?

rust stain on sidewalk

We receive calls daily from residents who live in a community with both deed restrictions and an HOA. They tell us about their rust stains on their sidewalks, neighborhood or development entrance signage, on their driveway and some even on their home. They ask if they can pressure wash these stains for permanent removal. Our answer “Yes, BUT the stains will come back!”

We are then asked: “If I pressure wash the rust stains on my sidewalk or driveway, why would they come back? If a group of my neighbors’ pressure wash our neighborhood sign at our entrance, why would the rust stain come back?”

Answer: The rust stains will show up again on your sidewalk and signage because you are not treating the problem at the source.

pressure washing a sidewalk

If your homeowner’s association continues to hire pressure washing companies we recommend they call our team at Rust-Off. Pressure washing only removes the problem temporarily. The rust stains will come back.

The permanent solution to removing rust from your sidewalks and neighborhood entrance:
Treat the rust at the source. Most irrigation systems are fed from a well which can be a different system that feeds the water into your home. If you live more rural you may have a well that provides the water for both your home and your irrigation system. Most people living in a neighborhood community with an HOA have a separate line for their irrigation water and a separate line for the water piping into their home.

At Rust-Off we have developed a solution to treat the well water running into a homeowner’s irrigation system. Our solution does not treat the water running into homes. When we work with communities to help them battle their rusty sidewalks and rust on their neighborhood entrance sign, we treat the water coming directly from the well before it goes through the community’s irrigation system. Our solution removes the rust so the water coming through the irrigation system is rust free.

Our treatment system lasts thirty days before it must be replenished. It’s not a “set it and forget it” type of solution. Very much like adding chlorine to a swimming pool, you wouldn’t add chlorine and never treat your swimming pool again. Every thirty days our technicians will drive to our client’s neighborhood or place of business and check their rust removal system. We ensure it’s continuing to run properly, and the treatment continues to properly be piped into the water at the source prior to the water running through their irrigation lines.

Is Our Solution Safe?

Yes! Our solution is extremely safe for foliage and vegetation. If people or pets walk on the grass or sidewalk that has irrigation water treated with our solution, they are also safe. Our solution strips the rust from the water.

A home situated in a neighborhood with an HOA usually has different piping for the water that goes into the homes. Our solution is only used on the water that is sent through the irrigation system and does not come into contact with any water feeding into homes.

Should I still pressure wash the rust stains?
If you wish to permanently remove the stains once you start our treatment program you are welcome to do so. If you decide to pressure wash the rust before getting set up with our service, you will most likely have to pressure wash again because the rust will continue to go through your irrigation system until you have a rust preventative system established on your irrigation lines.

Looking to learn more? We invite you to call our Central Florida office and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. They can walk you through our solution and review your rusty water. Call us at 1-800-992-3111. We service communities throughout the state of Florida including those in Del Ray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and others.

We permanently remove rust from your water and work with clients throughout Florida. We look forward to helping you.