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Cleaning The Rust

How To Clean Rust From Sidewalks and Signage

Do you struggle with keeping your sidewalk or signage free from stains caused by rust, trees or algae? This is a common problem here in Florida thanks to our water and climate.
Can household products or over the counter cleaners remove these stains?

Some homeowners and business owners have used basic household items to try and clean the stains from their sidewalks including using baking soda, lemon juice, salt or vinegar. Those who have tried these products end up scrubbing their concrete which in the end, may or may not fully remove the stains. Concrete is extremely porous so it may take a large quantity of product to penetrate the stain and usually the stains will come back.

There are many over the counter products that can be purchased from your local hardware store (ACE, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.) that claim to remove stains as well.  These products can be expensive and most likely not a long-term solution particularly in the case of rust on your signage or sidewalks.

What If Stains Still Won’t Go Away After Using Cleaners?

If your business signage is made of concrete and you continue to have stains, or your concrete sidewalk continues to suffer with them too it may be time to turn to pressure washing as a way to totally remove the stains. Pressure washing will remove rust stains, as well as stains caused by algae and trees.

pressure washing a sidewalk

Pressure Washing Is An Affordable Way To Remove Stains But Is It A Permanent Fix?

No!  Pressure washing is only a temporary fix.  If you continue to have tree or algae stains, it may be time to remove your trees.  With continual tree canopy you will forever be trying to remove the ugly algae or stains caused from the tree droppings. 

What About The Rust Stains And Pressure Washing?

Rust stains work just like algae and stains from tree droppings.  You can pressure wash the rust stains from your sidewalk or concrete signage, however, they will return.  If you like to pressure wash then continue to do so, otherwise it may be time to look further for a less time-consuming solution to remove the rust stains from your concrete signage or sidewalk.

I have rust in my well water, how can I fix this so rust does not stain my signage and sidewalk?

Aside from moving your home or business you are most likely stuck with the rust in your well water, however, there are more permanent solutions available to treat the rust. At Rust-Off we have developed a well water treatment solution that treats the water to remove the rust as it goes through your irrigation system. Our solution does not treat the water going into your home or business, but rather only treats the water going through your sprinkler system. This treatment solution is safe, non-toxic and is proven to keep the well water rust from going through your irrigation system.

When property managers and homeowners use our well water system to remove their rust there is no disruption to their irrigation system or the well water going into their place of residence. Same is true for our clients who are business owners, they will not experience any issues with the well water going into the water lines inside their business. Our solution only treats the well water at the irrigation system.

If your sidewalks and driveway have mold, algae and tree stains, as well as sprinkler rust stains, will our Rust-Off product remove them all?

No. Our sprinkler rust remover solution will not clean signage, sidewalks or driveways of other stains. Pressure washing will need to be used in these cases. Our solution is only to treat rust stains through the irrigation system so the water coming out will be rust free leaving no rust stains on sidewalks, driveways or signage.

Is This Treatment A One-Time Occurrence?


The well water treatment for rust is a monthly occurrence. A Rust-Off technician visits our clients once a month to inspect their system, replenish the solution at the beginning of the irrigation system, and ensures there is no rust from their irrigation system forming on sidewalks and signage. As a property manager, homeowner or business owner uses their irrigation system, there is rusty well water pushing through so more rust removal solution will be used. Our technicians inspect our client’s system each month to ensure there is enough product to successfully treat the volume of water our customers are using within their irrigation system. Each time the irrigation system turns on, the rusty well water is treated and released out. What we don’t want is for a gap in service where water is not being treated full time otherwise the rust stains will come back.

Our solution is very affordable, and we service most of Florida including the areas of Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Delray Beach. Our Orlando office is located near Lake Monroe in Sanford, Florida. We work with many property managers within Florida to help them beautify their sidewalks, sides of buildings, signage and driveways by treating their irrigation system before the rusty well water is dispersed.

Does your property suffer from rust stains on your signage or walkways? Call Rust-Off today at 1-800-992-3111 and let us help your property stay rust stain free!